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Teambuilding Activities


Survivor Challenge ||

Teams will battle it out in a number of challenges that require both physical and mental toughness. The tough survive but itís always the toughest that win.


Team Monopoly ||

Based on the popular board game, your monopoly experience will never be the same again. Using a larger than life size monopoly board specifically designed for each organization and projecting every important detail on a big screen, teams will participate in this exciting game of monopoly that includes company based quiz questions, a dance off challenge and so much more. Itís all about the money, but donít forget to have some fun.


Minute 2 Win It ||

With only 60 seconds to complete each activity, does your team have what it takes to compete in this series of fast paced and high octane challenges? Time is the crucial factor and fun is the element!! .


Treasure Hunt ||

The hunt only stops when the treasure has been found. With only one treasure to find and many teams hunting, will your team be the ultimate hunters that will find the treasure? Make sure you have the correct code to unlock the treasure.


Art In The Park || 

Itís all about seeing the bigger picture. In this zone of creativity, teams are given a chance to take a glimpse of the picture they are required to paint before they get to work. Each team has a responsibility to paint only a portion of the picture on their canvas. The ultimate goal is to bring together all the painted canvases so as to see if the bigger picture comes together as expected.


Crime Scene Investigaion (CSI) ||

Designed to test your teamís ability to look beyond the obvious and consider any lead on the crime scene that will help to solve the case.


Family Fun Day ||

Allow us to create lasting memories for you while you take part in fun activities with your families and friends. .


Cocktail Mixology ||

An interactive session in which teams are required to make a number of popular cocktails using the provided ingredients. Upon completion, teams are judged on the taste of cocktails, the pricing, ambience and the name of their restaurant or bar. The trick is to impress the judges.


Potjie Challenge||

Teams get to make a dish of their own choice using the provided ingredients. Each teamís dish will be judged on taste, ambience and overall presentation.


Amazing Race ||

An adventure that will take teams through various and exciting stops at which they have to complete challenges before arriving at the set destination. The key is to decode the clues, and the goal is to win the race.


Leadership Boot Camp ||

A package of challenges specially designed for school leadership camps.


Murder Mystery Dinner ||

Teams are required to solve the mystery of a murder by using all the available evidence and information to identify the killer and establish the motive.