Public servants to defy order and down tools that work in service to us

Pub바카라lic servants to defy order and down tools that work in service to us. (CBC)

So far, though, the government has not backed down.

And as they’ve been able to keep quiet about the massive budget hole the cuts have created, the government has gone as far as to threaten a lawsuit by the union.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government are scrambling to find a new leader after a divisive campaign which began in April.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday he plans to call a special meeting of his cabinet on Friday, and he’s looking to replace his new party leader, Jagmeet Singh, with a better candidate. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

Singh, an MPP, was in government for just over four months after his controversial comments regarding immigrant communities that many people found offensive. Singh was also the party’s candidate in the Ontario provincial election last week, where he fell short.

But with the election of a new leader, the Trudeau government and the government of Ontario are still scrambling to find a new leader. In his opening speech last week, Justin Trudeau said he’s looking to find someone who can fill the void left by Singh:

Justin Trudeau says he doesn’t plan to name a new leader on Friday to fill the Conservative vacancy caused by the resignation of Conservative MP Jagmeet Singh, saying that there is only “the possibility that someone will come in who will be better than he is now.” (Chris Wattie/Associated Press)

In his opening speech last Thursday, Justin Trudeau spoke about the issues that unite Canadians in a country he described as a country at war.

“We are at war. A war against terrorism,” Trudeau said, referring to Canad바카라사이트a’s recent experience with ISIS terror group.

He noted that Canada is “at war with those that want to harm us every day in our communities; against 우리카지노those who seek to impose policies that restrict or shut us up, that attack those who are trying to grow our economy; that undermine fundamental rights and freedoms, that threaten the fundamental dignity of every member of this country.”

“In this war against terrorism, we have to show great resilience, we have to show great courage,” Trudeau said, calling on Canadian citizens to stand together. “As you come together as Canadians of one country, we can achieve enormous results.”

To get back on the right path, he said, there needs to be unity — something that isn’t happening under the Conservatives.

On Thursday, at leas

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